Every student has a chance to make a difference digitally (meaning on instagram, facebook, etc.). This can be through simple, kind comments on someone’s post or through more elaborate projects to make the internet more positive. Kids have an innate desire to help and uplift others.

Yesterday, I was raking the leaves in my front yard when my son and his friend came up and offered to help. I loved it! I praised them for their help and asked if they thought anyone else might need help. They immediately decided they would be the “Hippers,” a helper squad that would go around helping people, then shout “Hip hip hooray!”

Students want to help. They care about each other and want others to care about them. It’s exciting they can now do this on a larger scale using technology. We have so many digital tools at our fingertips and we get to choose what we do with these tools.

Humans of Loara – Students on Facebook

Loara High School students, in Anaheim, CA, have created an Instagram and Facebook page for their group, “Humans of Loara.” Being inspired by “Humans of New York” they couldn’t wait to implement it in their own student Instagram accounts.

These students randomly choose someone everyday to get to know the students and teachers at their school. They promote positivity online and use the hashtag #iCanHelp.

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