Be Kind Online – One Student Uses Twitter for Good

Be Kind Online

“I’d like to start out with a little known fact that it costs exactly $0 to be kind.” 

it costs $0 to be kind online

What has started this movement of youth using technology for good? Well, Hayden says, “Why not?”

Senior, Hayden Webb, shares how easy it is to be kind online and uplift others from the comfort of your own home.

Anonymous Twitter Account

Two years ago, as a Sophomore, Hayden created an anonymous Twitter account with the sole purpose of making someone happy and fostering camaraderie in the student body. A simple motto for even the youngest kids to follow, “Be Kind Online” or “Choose Kind.”

Starting with one or two tweets a day, Hayden sent only compliments to various students. These students ranged from well-known students to students who may fly under the radar to students that he thought needed this in their lives. Because of the small student body, he got to know everyone.

His compliment tweets included telling students he was inspired by how creative they were, how he wanted to be them because of how determined they were, or even just that he appreciated them.

What started as his own desire to uplift others quickly spread as teachers and students sent Hayden direct messages asking him to share compliments about specific individuals. He received detailed compliments to share on his Twitter account about other teachers and students. While his account remained anonymous, the school caught the kindness bug and everyone talked about these tweets.

Soon after the account began, the high school dean of students started printing out these tweets and putting them on his door. This allowed other students who didn’t have Twitter to read these Tweets.

Eventually, Hayden was “snitched on” and his identity was uncovered.

be kind online twitter student

Why not be Kind?

He was asked, “Why did you do this? What was in it for you?”

Hayden simply replied,

“Well, why not? Why not be nice to someone? Why not do something good?”

He continued,

“And that’s really all there is to it. I got all these smiles and all these happy faces for $0.

“That’s really the purpose of using tech for good #UseTech4Good. It may be popular in our modern society to use technology for a negative force. It may be easier to do that. But, I know for a fact that it’s better to use it for good. It’s been so good for me to use technology for a good force.

“It just makes sense to be nice.”

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