#UseTech4Good Stories

This is a curated collection of uplifting, inspiring, service-minded examples of youth making a positive difference in our world.

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Remembering Dad’s Voice

Nearly 20 years ago, a man made a video recording of his dad singing Christmas songs around the piano while his mom accompanied. His dad had a rich baritone voice and a deep love for singing songs that reflected his faith. Over time, the father of this family was affected by age and disease, and…

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Anna* (not her real name) was sad to wake up to the news that her friend’s mom had passed away. Anna wrestled and wondered what she could do to help her friend during this hard time. She texted a friend, and they decided to send messages to their friends to come to school dressed in…

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A 1980s version of #UseTech4Good

When I was in high school, about the coolest technology we had was called a Sony Walkman. I can still remember what it felt like to put those foam headphones on for the first time and play Neil Diamond’s “America” from the movie The Jazz Singer. I’d never experienced anything like it. Suddenly the music…

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a new way for kids to learn to code

A New Way for Kids to Learn How to Code

Theo, an 8-year-old student, was trying to learn how to code and was becoming frustrated with the process. He happens to be visually impaired, and the standard tools intended to encourage kids to code depend mostly on visual elements. However, in the course of the most recent year, he’s been a beta tester for something…

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digital learning school

What Parents Need to Know about Safety on School-provided Technology

Digital learning is becoming more of the norm as technology becomes cheaper and easier to access. Kids are being exposed to more technology in school and some of it is starting to come home with them. Without proper guidance and monitoring these devices can carry the dangers of the internet with them but with a…

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8 Tips for Parenting Tech-Savvy Kids

Almost every parent struggles to keep up with technology while kids seem to know all the latest gadgets and apps on the market. Keeping track of all the new developments can seem like a daunting task, especially when your kids are young and are using tech in ways their parents never thought of. Staying ahead…

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youth own software company

Meet the 13-year-old Tech Wiz with His Own Software Development Company

Being an entrepreneur comes with a unique set of challenges that can be difficult to overcome but that didn’t stop 13 year old Aadithyan Rajesh from doing it anyway. The 7th grader is a year into the launch of his software development company named Trinet Solutions and already has 3 employees, his 11th and 12th…

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What is Digital Citizenship? Why Does it Matter? 

What is Digital Citizenship anyway? The term Digital Citizenship has exploded in recent education discussions in the recent pushes to have it taught to students from Elementary to High School. Some Districts require Digital Citizenship to be taught as a core to student development. So, what does this term even mean and why is it…

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vein viewer for IV insertion

New Technology Means Less Pain for Kids in the Hospital

No one likes getting jabbed by a needle while visiting the doctor, or worse having one inserted during a hospital stay. It’s even more difficult and stressful when the patient is a kid. Healthcare workers have a hard time with the veins of young patients which results in multiple tries, more crying and the need…

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VR helps kids with medical treatments

Kids are Terrified of Medical Treatments- VR to the Rescue!

For kids, medical treatments can be horrible. The root of their fear seems to come from uncertainty and from the expectation of pain. Several tech organizations have thought of approaches to help. How Virtual Reality (VR) relieves children’s fear of the needle Getting vaccinated saves lives, yet kids fear the needle. One project started using…

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Taking STEM to the next level for Northern Utah Kids

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) isn’t the realm of just boys any longer. According to girlswhocode.com 74% of middle school girls express an interest in engineering, science, and math.  Dozens of Northern Utah businesses were encouraging all kids to explore STEM subjects as they hosted several busloads of sixth and seventh graders on November…

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robots in childrens hospitals

Robots – Kid-Friendly Innovation Coming to a Children’s Hospital Near You

Technology is helping children with chronic conditions to express their emotions and handle their treatments better. Robo-Duck For instance, US-based Sproutel has built a robo-duck that lets kids undergoing cancer treatment to tap a “feeling card” on the duck’s chest which relates to a specific feeling. The duck expresses that emotion for the child. “This…

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conflict between parents and children technology

Study Shows Technology Causes Conflict Between Parents and Teens, But it Can Be Avoided

The rise of digital technology causes conflict between parents and teens, according to a new study. Surprisingly, both sides claim the other spends too much time on their devices. With many teens and parents admitting to arguing daily over cell phone use, it leaves one to wonder what can be done? The Study A study…

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student created app to make it safer to walk alone

Teenager creates an app to make it safer to walk alone

From hackathons to competitions, opportunities for students abound to use technology to solve everyday problems. When put to the test, many students not only boost their resumes, but create apps or other solutions to pressing problems. Medha, who at age 16 developed an app called “Safe Travel,” thought nothing of a competition when she sat…

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Inspirational Thoughts with Technology

When life gets tough or complicated, many people find inspiration and motivation in a simple quote. Inspirational thoughts shared with others help bring light and positivity into their day. A quote as simple as, “I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison can encourage those who feel like…

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technology is good

Uplifting Quotes on Snapchat

Thanks to Sydney Alexander for bragging about her friends to us! This short, but sweet post shows how simply starting off the day sharing something positive can make a difference. How do you start your day? Sydney sent this in, “My friends Megan and Missy use technology for good every day! Every morning when they…

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Student creates app to save water

Student creates app to save water

Student creates app to save water I had so much fun interviewing this amazing 12-year-old, who just so happens to live down the street from me! Mollie loves to play competitive soccer, sew, and do creative projects. She also happens to be developing an app to save water. A Young Entrepreneur Learning about a field trip…

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iphone smart phone jobs to be done theory

Why do you hire your iPhone for the day? {Jobs to be Done theory}

Everything you buy serves a purpose in your life. When you buy things, you buy them to make your life easier, to entertain you, to feed you, etc. What does your iPhone or Smartphone do for you? Did you buy it for entertainment, for connection, for status? Does it actually help you connect with people,…

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it costs $0 to be kind online

Be Kind Online – One Student Uses Twitter for Good

Be Kind Online “I’d like to start out with a little known fact that it costs exactly $0 to be kind.”  What has started this movement of youth using technology for good? Well, Hayden says, “Why not?” Senior, Hayden Webb, shares how easy it is to be kind online and uplift others from the comfort…

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using tech for good students make film

Digital Citizenship Day at School

Alicia Vesely, former student at Maine-Endwell high school (located in upstate New York) shares how she raised awareness of digital citizenship at her school. She promotes reaching out and serving in your community and knows how to do it using technology. Students and teachers worked together to host their own magnificent summit at their own…

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gen z social media

Gen Z Shares How to Use Social Media for Good

Gen Z and Social Media Generation Z or the “iGen” is a unique generation of kids that came after the Millennials, born in 1997–Present (0–21 years old). The main difference between the two, besides age, is that unlike most Millennials, Gen Z had smartphones in early childhood. They grew up with iPhones in their hands…

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youth teach seniors

Youth teach adults how to use technology

“Come volunteer for Cyber Seniors!” Bethany calls out to any youth listening. What is Cyber Seniors? Cyber Seniors takes digital natives and pairs them with older adults. The youth teach the seniors how to connect digitally and to use other technology. Read more about Cyber Seniors here. The atmosphere is one of friendship between youth…

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learning and teaching with technology

More Reasons to Love & Share Technology

John is a magician who learned magic from the internet and connects with clients and other magicians online. He also ran a project similar to “Cyber Seniors” where he spent time teaching technology to seniors and helped them get connected. John needed to complete his Eagle Project, and decided to do it a little differently.…

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learn a new skill internet youtube

Learn a new skill using the Internet

How to learn a new skill Gabe, a sophomore in high school, watched his brother juggle and couldn’t wait to try it out himself. His brother tried to teach him, but it’s a complicated skill to teach. Therefore, Gabe turned to YouTube for help learning this new skill. After watching videos and learning different tricks,…

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scholarships for students peerlift

Student-founded nonprofit connects low-income students to scholarships

Scholarships are hard to find. With an expected 3.6 million students to graduate from high school this year, students search high and low for scholarships to help them through college. The National Center for Education Statistics reports there are 750,000 scholarships available for qualified students. Often, students from low-income and first-generation homes lack the resources needed to find…

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online learning khan academy

Online Learning is Revolutionizing the Rules of Education

Instead of watching movies or updating social media accounts, Mary chooses to deliberately spend time online learning. My Teacher Quit Shockingly, two months before school was out, one of Mary’s teachers quit. The sub assigned to that class seemed unmotivated to prepare lessons. So, during that hour, the class sat back and enjoyed a movie…

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music culture

Music can change the world

The intertwining relationship between culture and music is undeniable. Culture and music flow together. Ludwig van Beethoven said, “Music can change the world.” Over the years, popular music mirrors the society listening to it or does the culture mirror the music? Culture & Music Regardless of which one influences the other, there is a clear…

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Eagle Eyes – the technology allowing those paralyzed and unable to speak to communicate

Faced with the burden of not being able to communicate verbally or even physically leaves children feeling helpless and often, alone. Many only being able to nod a simple yes or no in response to questions asked. Eagle Eyes is the revolutionary technology allowing these children to communicate for the first time in their lives.…

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girl child an ipod iphone

I was terrified of giving my child an iPod, but now I’m glad I did

Your child’s birthday is coming up soon, you want to give your child an iPod. They have been begging for one. You feel excited about surprising them by giving your child an iPod or iPhone, yet anxious that they are not quite old enough. What do you do?    Erin hesitantly bought her child an…

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student using technology to serve others

Using Tech to Serve – A simple web search leads to serving people across the world

Have you ever used technology to serve others? You probably have used tech to serve, even if you didn’t directly recognize it. Technology has opened up the world to us. We can help people we never would have known about without technology. The simplest form may be texting, calling, or posting something kind or uplifting…

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piano gal play backwards piano

The Piano Gal – Uses Tech for Fun! #UseTech4FUN

Just barely a teenager, Sara Arkell has made a solid digital footprint sharing her musical talents on YouTube. Known internationally as The Piano Gal, Sara loves sharing her music with the world. She has loved playing the piano since age five. Recently, she traveled all the way across the globe to Japan to perform her…

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usetech4good digcit

Inspiration, Learning, and Kindness with Tech

Meet Eliza, a sweet 16-year old girl, who runs an LDS inspiration account. She jokes that it’s the exact same thing all other Mormon girls are doing. Which makes me wonder, what if all students were writing and sharing inspiring quotes or posts? I wonder how the atmosphere at school might change. Eliza says, “when…

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The Opposite of Cyberbullying – Meet CyberKindness

How many times have you heard the phrase “Cyberbullying?” As I was pondering today about cyberbullying, I started thinking… what’s the opposite of cyberbullying and why doesn’t THAT have a name that is so commonly shared? Meet CyberKindness. #CyberKindness Cyberbullying is using technological means to intimidate, spread rumors/slander, harass, threaten, or otherwise use digital media…

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tech is a tool use it

Tech is a tool – It’s an amazing time to be a Maker!

Student, Owen P., uses tech as a tool to serve others and learn new skills. It’s an amazing time to be a maker! Owen’s love for woodworking began in a woodworking class at school, a class he quickly fell in love with. Soon after, he asked his parents for a scroll saw for Christmas. He…

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youth develop app

Preventing child hunger with an app

After discovering that 13.1 million children lived in food-insecure households in 2015, five teenage girls from New York City knew they had to do something to solve this problem. Alyssa Kapasi (age 16), Gabrielle Rich (age 18), Fiona Xu (age 16), Ivy Mao (age 15), and Emma Yan (age 13) set about to make sure…

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DigCitKids Curran Student Voice

How to become a Connected Classroom

Curran Dee, at 10-years-old, is the Chief Kid Officer of DigCitKids and wants every classroom to become a connected classroom. He represents student voice and student choice. Of DigCitKids he says, “We promote all the awesome stuff kids are doing on and offline.” Connected Classroom Curran’s hope is for all classrooms to become connected classrooms.…

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technology to influence for good

How (and Why) to use technology deliberately

Such a simple and pure 2-minute video created by youth for adults to see their point of view. “Youth have grown up with technology.” It is such an integral part of their lives. There is no more real life v. online life… they are the same. Real life includes online life. Like one student says,…

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Jenn Blosil emcee event technology for good

#UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza – Technology for Good

On November 2, 2017 we held a huge celebration of youth using technology for good. #UseTech4Good Youth Extravaganza Jenn Blosil (American Idol Finalist 2016) and Grace Garn hosted this fabulous event which featured performances by Jenn Blosil, The Piano Gal, and Acting UP! This was part of the 2017 Digital Citizenship Summit. Lucky for you…

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Student creates positive digital footprint

Teen uses his love of baseball to create a positive digital footprint

Creating a website in sixth grade, at age 11, Devan Fink had no idea his new hobby would change the rest of his life. Devan started the blog Cover Those Bases when he was in 6th Grade, as a tribute to his grandfather. He says, “My grandfather was my inspiration. We would always talk on…

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