Remembering Dad’s Voice

Nearly 20 years ago, a man made a video recording of his dad singing Christmas songs around the piano while his mom accompanied. His dad had a rich baritone voice and a deep love for singing songs that reflected his faith. Over time, the father of this family was affected by age and disease, and…

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Anna* (not her real name) was sad to wake up to the news that her friend’s mom had passed away. Anna wrestled and wondered what she could do to help her friend during this hard time. She texted a friend, and they decided to send messages to their friends to come to school dressed in…

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A 1980s version of #UseTech4Good

When I was in high school, about the coolest technology we had was called a Sony Walkman. I can still remember what it felt like to put those foam headphones on for the first time and play Neil Diamond’s “America” from the movie The Jazz Singer. I’d never experienced anything like it. Suddenly the music…

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New Technology Means Less Pain for Kids in the Hospital

vein viewer for IV insertion

No one likes getting jabbed by a needle while visiting the doctor, or worse having one inserted during a hospital stay. It’s even more difficult and stressful when the patient is a kid. Healthcare workers have a hard time with the veins of young patients which results in multiple tries, more crying and the need…

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Kids are Terrified of Medical Treatments- VR to the Rescue!

VR helps kids with medical treatments

For kids, medical treatments can be horrible. The root of their fear seems to come from uncertainty and from the expectation of pain. Several tech organizations have thought of approaches to help. How Virtual Reality (VR) relieves children’s fear of the needle Getting vaccinated saves lives, yet kids fear the needle. One project started using…

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Taking STEM to the next level for Northern Utah Kids

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) isn’t the realm of just boys any longer. According to 74% of middle school girls express an interest in engineering, science, and math.  Dozens of Northern Utah businesses were encouraging all kids to explore STEM subjects as they hosted several busloads of sixth and seventh graders on November…

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