Student creates app to save water

I had so much fun interviewing this amazing 12-year-old, who just so happens to live down the street from me! Mollie loves to play competitive soccer, sew, and do creative projects. She also happens to be developing an app to save water.

A Young Entrepreneur

Learning about a field trip in 5th grade, called The Water Festival, Mollie came up with an idea for an app. She came up with this idea to have a simple app on everyone’s phone to help save water. She successfully presented this idea at the festival. This impressed the local water company, Ute Water, so much that they sponsored her to be in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

With an early acceptance of her creative idea, Mollie set off to actually develop the app and continued to present the idea and gain support.

This busy 12-year-old is not giving up on her dream to help improve the world by saving water.

I love how honest she is saying, “When I first started the app I was like how am I going to do this? How?” But, she has worked through it step-by-step with the help of some great supporters and continues to work on getting the app developed.

World of Water App

Mollie tells us about her app, “My app tells you how much water you are using in your home. You are able to set goals and access it whenever you want. It will update you when you’ve used too much water that day.”

How does technology help you?

“I know a lot of people use technology and social media. I think if I incorporate my World of Water app with that it could really make a difference in the world. It’s taking something that everyone uses every day and it’s putting something on there to help save the world.”

“I feel like technology has really helped me through this. I always think how can I advertise, social media is an obvious one. I feel like technology is what keeps my app up and running still.”

What did you enjoy about creating the app?

“I enjoyed mostly just being able to learn about how you waste water and where the water goes.”

“A few things that surprised me are that:

  1. It takes 7 gallons to fill up a bathtub
  2. Most of the water is wasted going to the bathroom
  3. Your washer and dryer only use 2%.”

What’s your advice to other students?

“My advice is to have a plan. I had some crashes in the middle of it, but I had a backup plan, so I knew what to do.”

“Ever since working on this app, I enjoy school more. I’m excited to learn and be in class.”

What are your future plans?

“I plan to stick with this app to where I can make some sort of difference on the world. I love what i’m doing already and want to expand and grow.”

What other ways do you #UseTech4Good?

The variety of ways youth #UseTech4Good spans from educational to service to local to global, so we asked Mollie about other ways she is using technology for good.

She shared a touching story that I hope can inspire other youth to stick up for and encourage others.

“I have one friend… who all of her other friends are laughing at her opinions. A few days a week I would text her and say, ‘hey what you’re doing is good.’ It’s really hard for her right now, I’m basically her only true friend. She wanted to shave her head for cancer and all of her friends were making fun of her. So, I texted and said, ‘if that’s what you want to do, then do it, because honestly it doesn’t matter what other people think, it will make a difference to somebody out there. I think it’s really important what you’re doing. It matters what you think and it matters to the person who’s gonna get your hair.’”

Youth and adults all over make a difference in someone’s life daily, in small and large ways. Some in secret, some using technology, some are public. Whatever way you have seen someone #UseTech4Good please share on Twitter or email us at to add some positivity to the internet. #BeTheDigitalChange

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