Learn a new skill using the Internet

How to learn a new skill

Gabe, a sophomore in high school, watched his brother juggle and couldn’t wait to try it out himself. His brother tried to teach him, but it’s a complicated skill to teach. Therefore, Gabe turned to YouTube for help learning this new skill. After watching videos and learning different tricks, he started to get pretty good at juggling.

He eventually learned how to teach juggling and started a circus club at his school. At circus club, he teaches juggling and unicycling.

Juggling helps him relieve stress and gives him something to do when he needs a break from homework.

Gabe says,

“With the internet, nowadays, you can just look up anything and learn how to do it and get to a professional level.”

How to get ahead in school

This summer Gabe started doing math on Khan Academy, he started clear back at Kindergarten math. From there, he continued to learn math all the way through 10th grade math. Being a sophomore, he feels math at school is now really easy for him. It excites him to know how technology has helped him get ahead in school.

Gabe boasts,

“I use technology to get ahead in school.”

He raves about YouTube and the community sharing taking place online, “You can see all these amazing people who are so passionate about this. I love seeing all these people who obviously put in the time to get really good at this and want to share it with the world. That’s how I feel about juggling and how we should feel about everything we do.”

What can you learn online this summer?

How can you encourage and work with your kids to use technology to learn a new skill?

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