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Just barely a teenager, Sara Arkell has made a solid digital footprint sharing her musical talents on YouTube. Known internationally as The Piano Gal, Sara loves sharing her music with the world. She has loved playing the piano since age five. Recently, she traveled all the way across the globe to Japan to perform her backwards piano playing.

Sara says, “My goal… is to inspire other people, to put a smile on their face every day when they watch my videos.”

Watch her video here where she performs the fun song, “Yankee Doodle Boy” and watch her famous backwards piano playing.

The Piano Gal performs live “Yankee Doodle Boy”

The Piano Gal is family-friendly as she only creates and shares wholesome content for all ages.

She encourages you to #FindYourNote and share your talents. You can find her on her YouTube Channel, which is full of uplifting and fun songs.

Collaborating with other musicians she creates inspiring arrangements for everyone to enjoy. She finds the good in the world and shares it beautifully accompanied by her piano.

One of my favorites is “Better Place” – you will be happy you watched it.

“Better Place”

How can you use technology to share your talent or uplift others?

How can you encourage or help youth to build a positive digital footprint?

Share your talents

We all have talents. How we choose to share them can change the world. It can be as simple as giving joy to others. Choosing to share your talents is choosing to help others discover their own abilities and grow.

Your talent may be singing to uplift others. Or your talent could be cooking a meal for a neighbor. Maybe it is even as simple as calling someone to let them know they are important. Bringing this into the online world, you could have a talent for sharing positive messages on social media. You could be good at #CyberKindness and uplifting those who may or may not be cyberbullied. You might have a talent for creating something unique using any one of thousands of apps.

I remember someone saying what a great hugger they were. Ultimately, it’s amazing how simple your talent can be that ends up helping someone else.

Find your talent, share something positive, and share it online for more to see.

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