Inspiration, Learning, and Kindness with Tech

Meet Eliza, a sweet 16-year old girl, who runs an LDS inspiration account. She jokes that it’s the exact same thing all other Mormon girls are doing. Which makes me wonder, what if all students were writing and sharing inspiring quotes or posts? I wonder how the atmosphere at school might change. Eliza says, “when it come down to it, it’s more beneficial for me than anybody else.”

It always fascinates me how trying to inspire or help others, always comes back to inspire and help me. Watch below as she tells her story. She may feel it’s simple, yet it is so profound at the same time.

Her Instagram Inspiration

Imagine if the time we spent online was finding ways to help or uplift others. How would that make us feel? Would we notice all that we are missing out on? Would we swipe through Facebook or Instagram feeling jealousy or loneliness if we had an eye for uplifting others?

Eliza doesn’t know if people take time to actually stop and read what she shares. However, she takes the time to stop, think, and write up or share something inspirational to her.

“I think we relate technology to the fast-paced world we live in now, but we can use it for so many other things when we take the time and stop and appreciate it.” – Eliza, 16 yrs old

Posting from her own account, which is a direct reflection of her, helps her think about what she is posting. She will ask herself some questions about what she is posting, such as, “Is this pointless?” “Is this just another thing on someone’s feed?” “Is this something that would give someone an added smile?”

Where does your inspiration/content come from? She says, “It’ll be pictures I take, scriptural quotes, quotes from famous people, oftentimes quotes from my favorite authors and artists and such who sometimes have the most powerful quotes.”

Using Tech to Learn

On the learning side of using tech for good, Eliza shares her love for the OverDrive App. Why is it so great? Well, you can get library books for free and it automatically returns them for you. As a bonus, you don’t have to remember to bring your book anywhere, because it’s on your phone. You can read your library book wherever you are, whenever you want to, with OverDrive. Eliza says, “Even though you’re on your phone and thinking you shouldn’t be, you can do these awesome things and still have these uplifting, good, beneficial, knowledge-building things.”

Her favorite quote is from Van Gogh…

“There’s nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”  – Van Gogh

Her love of this quote is definitely reflected in the way she chooses to #UseTech4Good.

Is there more you could do to spread #CyberKindness?

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